“Look Over The Shoulder Of Two Veteran Internet Marketers As They Show You How To Create Consistent and Recurring Streams Of Income With Everything Revealed ... (Over $2m In the Past 12 Months Alone)”


Peter van Zijl with my business partner Mark Thompson here. Those are our ugly mugs below.


We’ve been doing this online marketing thing for about 16 years combined.

And as you’re about to discover - we like to do things differently.

No over the top promises.

No “loopholes” or short cuts.

Just tried, tested and proven business models.

It’s not just us that gets results…our customers do too.

Just take a look here:


$40,000 In 2 Months

My name is David Ginter, and I am a SMO-Aholic!  I can’t even begin to articulate in words how the Serious Marketers Only forum has changed the way I approach internet marketing, but I will give it a try…

Unlike similar groups that boast big systems with huge returns that deliver very little in quality, SMO provides an abundance of fresh content and over-delivers on every facet.  Not a one-trick pony, SMO offers several viable IM business models that are constantly updated based on the ever changing landscape of the platforms they serve.  

Whether you are interested in physical products or digital content marketing there is something here for you that are gift wrapped and presented in full video training vignettes.  Taking it one-step further, the SMO forum provides amazing low-cost traffic generating techniques that have re-opened doors that have been shut for a long time to old-school marketers.  

If you follow the techniques in this forum you will make money guaranteed.  My partner and I have made over $40k in two months using just content marketing alone.  Additionally, we cut our advertising costs by 80% utilizing the techniques presented in the SMO forum.  This alone has significantly contributed to our ROI and is worth the admission price alone.

Whether you are new to the business, or have been around, SMO is your one-stop shop that will take your business to the next level.  I highly recommend SMO, and am looking forward to taking action in several of the other business models offered in the coming months and diversifying my income streams.    


David Ginter

So Very Different

Having been part of a number of "Mastermind" style, forum based, facebook based groups and membership sites, you quickly get jaded with the 'noise' on these groups.

A lot of chatter and not a lot of action. In some cases just a front for selling you on to their next level of membership or even higher priced masterminds. Some filled with a lot of promise but lack in substance.

Mark and Pete's Serious Marketers Only is SO VERY different.

Not only does SMO's figureheads actually practice what they preach, they show you the successes and more importantly the failures their own businesses experience, AND they're willing to put their reputation on the line with LIVE examples.

What this does is it inspires the SMO members to actually do the same. They are willing to put skin in the game and follow Mark and Pete's lead.

If you want education, practical application and accountability for your online and offline business, then I'm yet to find a better group than SMO

Tim Goodwin

Tim (1)

And as you’re about to discover - this is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Proven business models, results, personal help and more…

…but first.


I Was My Own Worst Enemy

Back in 2009 I used to work for a telecom company.

It was a great job.

I was a trainer and they used to send me all over the world. India, Jamaica (who goes to Jamaica for work anyway??), Paris, Prague, Stockholm…it was a great gig.

But something always bugged me.

The company made tens of millions of dollars a year…

…and I was on a salary.

Don't get me wrong - it was comfortable. But I was tied to it. That’s when I realized that something had to change.

I started to look for other opportunities.

Eventually I found some people online who were “making millions online”….

…and boy - did they make it sound easy.

All you needed to do was pay them 27 bucks and they’d reveal the secret…give you the key to the kingdom if you will.

Well I learned the hard way.

After thousands of dollars spent searching for the magic bullet I was still just as far as when I started.

I'd consumed so much information that I was like a deer stuck in the headlights...

I "knew" everything, in theory, but just couldn't get a consistent income going.

Nothin’ Like A Little Common Sense.

OK - so this isn’t what I am supposed to tell you.

Right now, I should be telling you that I stumbled onto a secret….a method so easy that my granma can do it.

Then I am supposed to introduce my product as that magic bullet.

Well, I’m not. 

Because how I turned a little business into a 7 figure a year lifestyle business is not that sexy at all.

It comes down to common sense.

Find an audience. Find out what they want. And work out how to give it to them.

That is how to turn this into a business.

Not a hobby…but a real, working, reliable business that can be scaled.

A business that you can run from anywhere in the world.

A business that you can train others to run…one where you are in charge and call all the shots.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in then you’re in the right place.

Here are a few screenshots to show you what is possible…

1 Store. 1 Year. $1 Million Dollars.


This Store Did $685,900 In Sales In 2015


This Store Only Really Got Started In June And Raked In Over A Quarter Of A Million Dollars In Sales.Screen+Shot+2016-01-14+at+11.43.30+am

Introducing ...


Mark and I wanted to create something a little different.

We wanted to create a community that would grow together…and oh boy, has it ever.

Almost every day we get a new post in the Goals and Success forum from people from all experiences ecstatic with their sales.

Like This One From Heather

So Freakin' Worth It

Last night I was taking a video as my daughters each whooshed down the final zip line over trees turned out in their fall colors. We all had huge smiles on our faces as we enjoyed our evening together.

Walking back to the camp store to turn in our gear I couldn't help but think about how amazingly lucky I am to be able to do things like that on weeknights with my kids - I left work for the day early and I didn't have to worry about scrimping and saving vacation days and hours in order to hang out with them. I had no boss breathing down my neck and I knew my business would earn me money while I was gone. That's real freedom.

Real freedom means I can take dance lessons in the middle of the day with my husband (we can dance a fierce East Coast Swing now), and move across country to be back in the same neighborhood with my parents without looking for a job, or worrying about income. It means I am home with my kids and that they are joining me in the family business. It means I can tailor work to their particular strengths and the company and our family succeeds. Life is amazing with freedom.

The training in Mark and Pete's "Serious Marketers Only" is what finally let me get to the world of real freedom. I've been working at it for years with moderate on and off success. But as soon as I joined Mark and Pete, my success started to take off. Now I have the tools and the support to create awesome results as long as I'm willing to put in the elbow grease.

The screenshot below is my gross sales for so-far today from my (very cool) e-commerce store and I expect it to be triple that by the end of the day. I don't have to always be around to make that money. And I can travel wherever I want, when I want. That to me is worth every bit of effort I've put in.

If you are serious about creating a lifestyle business that allows you to work from nearly any location and to pursue a life you WANT to live then Serious Marketers Only is for you. But it's not for wimps or sissies. You have to put in the work to build a real business. But the results... so freakin' worth it!
















So here’s the deal.

If you’re looking to fast track your internet marketing results then then this is for you.

We only teach what we do.

You’ll learn long term internet marketing strategies via case studies…

…that’s right - we put our money where our mouths are. Walk the talk and all that.

You’ll see us build up business live, right in front of your very eyes…so you can take those concepts and build your own empire.

But we’re not just going to dump a bunch of training videos into your lap and leave you to do the rest.

You’re also going to get unlimited support in our friendly, helpful forum from us as well as those who have done it themselves.

Real results. Real people. No B.S.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

The 7 Figure Ecommerce Masterclass

The first thing I want you to do is forget all these loopholes being taught at the moment.

The worst thing you can do is try and game the system for a quick buck.

I’ll teach you how to build a real ecommerce empire.

This is the exact system I used to go from not being able to sell a t-shirt to running a $300k a month business in under 18 months.

No shit.

I didn’t follow any course.

I worked it out myself.

And now I’d like to teach you exactly how I do it.

I’m talking from start to finish - with personal help as you go.

You’ll discover the products to sell…

Which prices I find work best…

In fact, I am running two case studies side by side.

You’ll see how I took my first store and got it to $500 in sales in 7 days. You’ll see the niche, the products and the ads. 

100% transparency. 

Then simply take the training and create your own store and dominate your own niche.

Remember - this is an ongoing training delivered via real life case studies.

The 6 Figure Blogging Masterclass.

“Blogging is dead.”

“Blogging is boring.”

“Blogging takes too damn long to make any money”

We call bullshit.

In fact, when done right, blogging can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money online.

And you’re about to discover exactly how to do that.

And yes, you guessed it. 

We’ll take you thru real life examples and show you exactly how we do things - in real time.

Our number one goal is to help you build a sustainable, reliable online business.

Still Dithering On Whether Or Not To Invest In This Over-The-Shoulder... Real-Time... What’s-Working-Now Internet Marketing Forum?

Listen: just starting on the steps I layout for you with my videos and live trainings will get you farther than 99% of those $2,000 “GURU” courses.

Much less those ridiculous $7 “follow-my-technique-and make-a-million-dollars” products on the Warrior Forum and JVZoo.

I’m not going to say the cheesy line about how “one good idea you’ll get from our combined 15+ years of  work can lead to an immediate profit windfall that could pay for this”.

No, I’m not going to say that. It can happen. But that’s not the kind of person I want in the training.

The truth is there are several different “parts” you need to put together to create consistent, recurring and increasing income every week and every month -- if not every day.

I show you how I do it. You’ll see how others are doing it right now. You’ll see what changes have happened online so you know you’re up-to-date no matter what. And the cash will come in.

Once you get your consistent cash flow (which can take as little as a weekend I show you how I scale the operation.

Scaling simply means you do the same exact thing, but intelligently do it on a bigger scale without having to spend any more money.

So in actuality, this training doesn’t “cost” anything, it’s an investment in your freedom.


If you’re just getting started in business and are first discovering online marketing this will be the most profitable investment in your wealth-building journey.


If you’re doing “OK” or if your business has stagnated a little bit, this could reinvent your business thanks to all the “A-ha” moments it will give you. You’ll be able to filter through hundreds of  videos, and thousands of forum posts, members comments to questions, webinars, and live updates that have made money for other business and “copy” for your own. And you’ll experience more certainty, stability and control in your business.

If you’re already kicking ass and taking names this could give you the extra kick start you need to turn your mailing lists into more money, further build your “tribe”, and keep building an ASSET that’s going to pay you over and over again.

And here’s more good news:

Your Investment Is LESS Than We Originally Planned Because We Want Everybody To Be Able To Get This…

After spending months going through our files within the catacombs of our offices…and picking and choosing only the best pieces to include in this once-in-a-lifetime training, We had a figure of $497 in mind and it'd be worth EVERY penny to someone who used it.

$397 would have been a drop in the bucket compared to how much just one of the pieces you’ll discover in this training made for either ourselves or one of our clients.

But since this training was put together to help as many people as we can, we decided to pare down the price so everybody has a chance to grab this training.

So even though it’s worth 10x more than what we are charging on this page, we are going to let you grab this for only  $25 per month 

We want SMO to be available to anyone who is serious about their marketing.

Think about it…look at what some of our customers have been earning you can make that that $25 investment time after time after time.

Think about it…we've had customers go from $0 to $300 a day in 3 days. Others have built businesses that earn them $20,000 $30,000 or even $40,000 a month within a matter of months. Some members have built businesses that have enabled them to give up their job or to even buy their own homes.

And that’s just for starters. Remember, this is 16 years worth of our best marketing techniques and strategies… so there’s a lot for you to peruse and “copy” ideas from. This could be an invaluable resource for you… that is, if you don’t let it and collect dust.

Plus $25 is barely 0.25% of a $100,000 per year income. And 0.015% of a $200,000 per year income. I’m not promising you’ll achieve this level of income as there are different factors involved in a marketing campaign. Nor is this some “magic bullet” or “shiny object” that’s going to solve all your business problems overnight.

But when used and applied, it can shave a LOT of trial, error and testing you would otherwise have to go through if you tried to “go at it alone”.

And the cost of this training will be peanuts compared to the profits it could generate for you.

Want More Proof? Check Out These Posts
From Our Success Forum ...


Listen To What Some Of Our Memebers Say About 'Serious Marketers Only'...

" ... SMO Has Changed My Life..."

"...I signed up with the ambition to make $1000 a month. I've exceeded my wildest dreams. There are days when I made $500 to $1000..."

SMO Member

" ... Joining Is a No Brainer..."

" I lost my job last December, Thanks to mark and Pete I was able to continue to Support my family. So far I've made over $50,000 Dollars."

SMO Member

" ... The best Program - It Works..."

" I met my 3 month Goal in under 2 months ."

SMO Member

We'd Love You To Become Our Next Runaway Success Story

This Is What You Are Getting

Access Ongoing Video Based Training (Got a problem? we'll create a video and show you how to fix it)

Access to Regular What's Working Now Videos

Access To Regular Training Videos Covering Every Topic You'll Need from Mindset to Paid Advertising

Access To Our Private Members Forum With over 1700 Threads and 15,000 Posts

The Forum allows you to get your questions answered quickly

Access To Webinars and Webinar Replays

An Archive of 17 of our training courses covering everything you'll need from Facebook ads to Email Marketing


I Want To Get This 'Kick-Ass' Training

When you take action today and purchase this training, you’ll be armed with the “internet marketing weapons” that’ll position yourself as the “go-to” person in your niche. And you’ll also discover how to spend less money, spend less time, and make more consistent, recurring income then you’ve ever thought possible.

Just imagine what will happen to your life if you doubled your cash flow, doubled the number of people who do business with you… AND improved the quality of your clients and customers at the same time?

That’s what I was able to do over our 16+ years in marketing with my own businesses.

And when you take action right now, you’ll discover the “guts” of how I made this happen. It’s easier than you think. You’ve just never had someone who is just like you and who did this for himself really show you the ropes.

I encourage you to take action and fill out this order form if you want the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to OWN this training.
And a sincere thank you to those who were involved in this and the hundreds and thousands of customers of my writing.

I know this could be my ONLY chance to own this massive training. You’ve meticulously done all the work for me by combing through 16+ years worth of material and picking and choosing only the most impactful pieces I’ll be able to “copy and apply” for my own business.

I also know that the “A-Ha” moments I’ll discover in this training will more than make up for the price I’m paying for this… which is minuscule compared to the trial, error and testing I’d otherwise have to endure if I tried to “figure out” this stuff for myself.

And I know I’m covered by your generous 30-day guarantee, so there’s no way I can make a mistake here. I can implement the marketing lessons I’ll get from this training in my business, and if I don’t get an immediate return on investment I can return it for a no-hassle refund… no questions asked

Yes Pete & Mark, I’m ready!
Please let me into the members area containing your trainings so I can implement your time-tested and proven strategies into my life!

GET Mark & Pete's

‘Over-The-Shoulder’ Training

Dedicated To Your Freedom,

Mark & Pete

P.S. When you take action today and claim your membership, you’ll be able to leapfrog most advertising and marketing problems the “other guys” -- including your competition -- sweats about on a daily basis.

You see, most internet marketing “gurus” are NOTORIOUS for selling only a piece of the puzzle, just for you to find out you need to buy their next product to get the next piece.

But you’ll have an unfair advantage when you take action now and get it all.