Thank You For your Interest In the 2021 Affiliate Marketing Workshop

You've now been Tagged and I'll send you further details in the next few weeks.

The desired out come of the training is that you have a system/framework in place that brings you regular commissions.  I want everyone who sticks with the program for 3 months to finish with at least $100 a day in commission preferably more.

Since the last time I ran similar training I have created different processes that will help amplify the sales you make. There are new types of funnels and traffic sources you can test, new methods of generating sales and new products you can promote.

Below you'll find a few things that will help you get up to speed with Affiliate Marketing.



Affiliate Marketing Works

The image on the left shows around $80K in affiliate income from various sources, but that's not the number to pay attention to.

The number you should be paying attention to are the Earnings per click it's difficult to see in the image but they range from a low of $1.67 to a high of $12.42

Think for a moment if you knew you would average $3 per click would you spend time getting clicks?

If the answer to that question is yes then you are in the right place.


Pre-Launch Program - Get everything in place and prepare to start the program in 2021. December 14th - December 21st

Program Launch January 4th 2021

Program End April 2nd 2021

Bonus Completion Program - TBA (scaling your income)


What Will It Cost?

This training (as was the original Affiliate Marketing Sprint) was intended to be created solely for the Members of SMO Pro. However I want to make this accessible to as many people as possible.

If you are a member of SMO Pro it is included in your membership so there will be no cost.

For non SMO members there will be a cost but I'll keep it reasonable as I want as many people as possibe to have access

I'll finalise pricing next week,  in the meantime please think about if this is something you are prepared to commit to.

There won't be a huge amount of work each week but you will need to commit a few hours each week.

Before you decide, just go check out those figures in the screenshot.. would they help you achieve your goals?

Next Steps

If you have never been through the 5K 3 Day Masterclass take time to go through it now, it's 100% free and it's based on the methods I used in the last Affiliate Marketing Sprint.

It will give you a great overview of where we'll be starting.

Just click on the link below

5K Method Masterclass (Free)


Already Own The 5K Method?  If you have purchased the 5k method in the past then take time to refamiliaise yourself with the methods and finish off those unfinished projects!

Here is the link to your account


Finally, Wait for the next email that will lay out all the details and provide access to the Pre Launch Program