My 7 Top Marketing Tips

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

I've been a full time online marketer for 15 years, it's always been plain sailing here are my top 7 tips for succeeding online.

Tip 1 - Stick to One Marketing Method

Pick one thing and stick to it for at least six months, It normally takes that long for things to start to work.  I've seen so many people give up and move on just as things were about to change for them.

To put this in perspective when I started I was still earning less than $100 a month after 14 Months because i'd  jumped around trying different things after 18 months I was earning $4000 per month as i'd focussed on one form of marketing.

Tip 2 - Do you really need that tool?

You don't need half the tools you've bought, or that you're going to buy in the future. Try  and focus on learning marketing techniques, and they will last you for a lifetime.

Tip 3 - Communication is your most important skill

Communication is the first technique you should master. Often a series of good informative posts or a conversation and a checkout link will far far far outperform a sales page, everything comes down to the offer.

My biggest converting offers are always the ones I send to small groups on subscribers AFTER i've talked to them and engaged with them

Tip  4-  Know Your Offer

If you don't have a good offer, or you don't understand your offer, you'll never succeed.

Your offer will dictate who your target audience is, it will dictate the message you put in front of that audience.

It will also dictate your success.

Take time to create an audience that will fix a problem your Ideal audience has and needs to fix.

Tip 5 - All successful campaigns are temporary.

Never get comfortable.

There's always something around the corner that will cause you problems. So expect them, take them in stride, and move on.

I've lost at least 3 successful businesses because Google or Facebook changed the rules or because a new tool came along that was far superior.

This is also the #1 reason you must build a list, you won't realise how important your list is until you talk to someone who has gone from $1m a year to zero almost overnight and hadn't built a list during the "good times"

Tip 6 - Failure isn't always bad.

Just be sure to analyse what went wrong and try not to make the same mistake again.  I've learnt more from failed campaigns and sites than I have from successful ones

Lots of things I try fail, it doesn't matter. That's a lesson. That's something I can take forward to the next project.

learn to embrace failure as you would success.

Tip 7 - The simple option is always the best option.

Don't over complicate your marketing.  Start with the basics and build it up over time.

To use a baseball analogy don't try to hit home run first time out, just try to get to first base.

Build the minimum viable business to start with, 1 offer, one landing page, one list, one source of traffic  get that working then start to grow from there.

You'll launch quicker, you'll get results quicker and you'll grow quicker.

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