Kevin Rogers & Mike Rinard Discuss ad copy (8:00-15:00)

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The Attention Grabber

The Problem
Look Im the same! it's not your fault

The solution/Product

Social Proof

“I messaged 791 prospects, but I only got one response… they asked me to never message them again 😞

I hear things like this from our new clients so often...

It’s like a broken record.

They’ve invested tons of time and energy into trying to figure out…

X Paid Ads
X Funnels
X Cold Outreach

… and countless other grueling strategies,

But no matter what they try,

They STILL end up without any clients.

Feeling defeated, they find themselves wondering,

“Maybe I’m just not cut out for running my own business.”

It’s a tough place to be,

But the reality is,

it’s not their fault they don’t have any clients.

It’s just that nobody told them how to land clients the easy way.

You see, after trying every tactic under the sun to get my own clients,

I finally got sick and tired of hitting dead-end after dead-end after dead-end.

Losing hope,

I tested something I can only describe as… 𝒔𝒕𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆

And suddenly,

I had dozens of messages in my inbox from potential clients asking ME if they could work with me!

It was the most exhilarating feeling!

The absolute craziest part about this is…

I didn’t have to spend a single penny on ads!


I didn’t have to do ANY form of cold outreach!

Over the past 4 years, I’ve helped over 3,173 of our private-clients implement this exact strategy so that they can...

Land their first 5-20 clients, without having to put in the effort to learn ads and funnels and without having to waste time cold calling.

For the first time ever,

I’m making this available outside of our private program in our brand new training:

Newsfeed Authority

It’s a simple, yet powerful approach that anyone with an expertise can use to…

✅ Capture the attention of their ideal clients
✅ Get prospects to reach out to THEM first
✅ Land their first 5-20 clients

Using ONLY their newsfeed and nothing else

… even if they have don’t have a social media following!

The best part is, for 3 days only, you can get access for 72% off

After going through this training, Andrea said,

“I bought your course around 7PM… I had 2 booked consultations by midnight.

The next day I hopped on the call and closed them both."

Get your copy of the Newsfeed Authority training for the limited time discount of 72% off!

Yep, just $27 and you’ll be landing clients like clockwork.

(or we promise to refund you ASAP)

“I thought freelance copywriting meant more FREEDOM. But all I ever do is WRITE.”

I hear this a lot from struggling copywriters.

They’re always LOCKED in writing mode, staring through the bars of their latest deadline.

And writing creeps into every part of their life.

“Wanna grab lunch?” Can’t. Gotta write.

“Catch up on Stranger Things?” No. Still writing.

“I thought we were finally going out tonight.” I HAVE to hit this deadline. Can we do it tomorrow...?

Instead of living the “freelance lifestyle,” they’re stuck in an alternate universe, with one hand shackled to a Google Doc and the other locked in a Slack channel.

Every project is a chore, and they’re thinking about giving up on copywriting completely.

The problem?

The writing is...


I get it. I used to be a slow-as-molasses writer.

I would hem and haw over every project, unsure where to start.

I studied hundreds of sales letters and knew the formulas.

Still, projects took three times as long as they should.

Because I didn’t have a reliable system.

One that would help me dive into projects with confidence.

So I could write effective copy FAST.

No more staring at a blank screen. No late-night writing sessions. No sacrificing family-time to meet a deadline.

After years of trial and error, I developed a system to crank out effective copy . . . in HALF the time.

I call it the 4x6 Copywriting System.

The 4x6 System is NOT a 15-step video course with exercises that take forever. 😖

With just 10 index cards, you’ll have the tools you need to write amazing:

✔️ Sales letters
✔️ Emails
✔️ Social Ads
✔️ Landing Pages
✔️ VSLs

. . . All in record time.

Sound simple enough?

Grab your copy today.

Now, I know this system is already a steal at $7.95.

Because it saves HOURS in writing time. ⏲️

But I want to make sure you can cut your writing time in half NOW. ⏩

That’s why I’m also offering these bonuses when you order today:

✔️ Step-by-step video walkthrough of the 4x6 system to get your notecards ready today,
✔️ At-a-Glance Quick Access Infographic to keep handy for future projects,
✔️ Video of my live training where I taught the 4x6 system at James Schramko’s SuperFastBusiness Live Event.

Plus, I’m throwing in the 4x6 Copywriting Masterclass.

Where you can watch over my shoulder as I break down 3 high-converting sales pages that use this framework. 💰

Ready to write more effective copy faster than ever?

Here’s what other WORKING copywriters have to say about the 4x6 Copywriting System . . . .

“It was hilarious how simple it was to put together an effective sales argument with these. I did this on the way home on the train in about 45 mins, while listening to the training.” - Ross O’Lochlainn

“It is very impressive. Over the years I have spent thousands on learning copywriting, [it was] by and large, worth it. However, your system . . . is a real leap forward for ‘Getting it done.’” - Grant Lynn

Ready to cut your writing time in half?

Get your 4x6 Copywriting System - and all the bonuses - for just $7.95 today.