My 7 Top Marketing Tips

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I’ve been a full time online marketer for 15 years, it’s always been plain sailing here are my top 7 tips for succeeding online. Tip 1 – Stick to One Marketing Method Pick one thing and stick to it for at least six months, It normally takes that long for things to start to work. …

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How To Get More Organic Traffic

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In these difficult times it’s often not prudent to spend a lot of money driving paid traffic to your websites, this is where getting more organic traffic can really help you. In this blog post How To get More Organic Traffic I’ll be looking at simple ways that you can start to get more organic…

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The 5K Method

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Do you struggle with affiliate marketing? Have you spent valuable time trying to build your business and for every step forward you seem to take 5 paces back? In January last year my total affiliate income was around $100 15 months later it’s in a much better situation. I didn’t spend more money on ads,…

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The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing (Updated 2021)

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This Post was first created in 2019 now despite what can only be described as a terrible 2020 the affiliate incomes are still coming in. Two things have kept my business going through this year, having an email list and having a recurring affiliate income. My first big win in online marketing 15 years ago…

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