Convertbox Review – (Updated For 2021)

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Convertbox Review 2021

In June of 2018, I became aware of a new online marketing tool called Convertbox.
I immediately purchased it and began testing, I was instantly impressed.

The only slight concern I had was that it was a new tool and was in Beta so would it be updated or left to die like so many other online tools?

I am happy to say over the past 3 years it has been regularly updated and there are more updates planned so I am now confident enough to give my review.

In 2019, Convertbox 2.0 also came out. With this update,  more powerful features were introduced, all while keeping beautiful simplicity.
I've used it on a daily basis to replace Leadpages and other lead generation tools such as thrive leads and have migrated all my sites over to Convertbox 2.0.
Over time, Convertbox 2.0 has also become far more than a lead generation tool.

In fact, you can use it to create giveaways and dynamic quizzes, it will show different convertboxes to people if they are already on your to ones that aren't and you can split test forms


Convertbox Updates and Acquisition

Over the recent years there have been multiple updates all focused on improving usability and increasing the features. In March 2021 Convertbox was acquired by Josh Bartlett the guy behind Thrivecart and a long time consultant on the Convertbox project.

Josh has a lot of great plans for Convertbox so the future is bright for this excellent tool

What Is Convertbox?

To put it into layman terms Convertbox is a tool you can use on your site that is will allow you to collect leads, segment your audience, show offers, and base what people see on their previous behavior.

For example, if a visitor is already a subscriber then instead of showing them the same lead magnet you could show them a discount coupon or another report.

At the same time you can segment your audience (This will generate you more income… guaranteed)

Why Should You Segment Your Email Subscribers?

Doing this will allow you to send highly targeted and relevant messages to those you consider to be your ideal customer at the right time and moment.

Segmenting An Audience

Segmenting An Audience,  Let's take a few minutes for this to sink in.

Just imagine that a potential customer visits your website and loves the helpful content.

They then subscribe to your list to get the lead magnet you offer. As they optin you segment them and they tell you they are a Gym Owner with under 100 clients.

Now when they come back to your site to read further content they get shown an offer that is created for Gym Owners with less than 100 clients.

See how powerful that is?

The offer they see is one that has been personalized just for them.  Think that will increase sales?


How To Segment Your Audience With Convertbox

In the video below I show you how I use Convertbox to segment my audience before they got onto my list which is a really powerful way to grow your list.

Segment Your Audience With Convertbox

Personalisation And Marketing Automation?

Like everyone else, you want to offer a better service to your customers.

One way that you can actually achieve this is by being able to tell your customers about your content and offers at the right time.

If you can do this then your perfect customers will see this as being relevant to them.

But in order to make it work simply and effectively can involve having to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month on software or marketing platforms, often many of these tools can either be too expensive or too difficult to use.

But isn't my email marketing campaign already personalised?

The majority of tag-based email marketing software available today such as Activecampaign , Drip, and Convertkit are. But this only happens to be on the email side of this. Any personalisation and marketing automation will only be applicable inside of your emails.

So what happens if people don't open your emails and are in fact visiting your site regularly by coming through other channels such as social media or as a referral?

This is where CONVERTBOX comes into it's own.

This is a tool that can show personalised messages to these people based on certain tags along with advanced behavioural triggers such as if a visitor to your site uses a particular URL to get there or if the page is in a specific category or has a specific tag Is this all sound a little too confusing?

Do not worry, I am about to show you a few of the features and how I use them. You'll see how easy it is to implement At this time Convertbox is offering a LIFETIME deal, Via it's Private Pilot Program whilst most of its competitors are charging up to $79 per month for similar features.

Let's check out some of my favourite features…

My top 10 Favourite Convertbox Features

My Top Tips For Using Convertbox

I have been using it for a while now and am going to share with you some of my top tips for using it for personalising your website.

The most important thing that I could share is, to begin with segmenting your users before they have even given you their email address.

Through Convertbox, you can create various different buttons to create up to 4 different segments for each form.

For example, Age, gender, ability level, favourite dog breed, desired outcome, etc … the list is endless This is great for creating very hyper-targeted messages not only for your ideal customer but also for any relevant visitors to your site.

Let's dive deep into some of the ways you can use these messages…


An online quiz feature is a powerful tool in your arsenal (both for returning and first-time visitors) and one of the recent updates brought us the ability to add such quizzes to our sites. These high-converting quizzes are a really good way to improve all kinds of sales including those done through affiliate marketing or even as a product owner.

Cart Abandonment

If someone doesn't immediately go to the checkout you are able to show them a popup with a discount code or other offer that will help them to complete their purchase.

This feature will only be shown to people who have abandoned their cart.

Upsell Offers

If someone has recently become a customer you can then create a upsell offer that comes with a built-in countdown timer element that helps to create a sense of urgency.

Related Content Or Videos

This is another great way for you to showcase your authority and expertise as well as provide people with relevant content or videos based on what they have read or seen recently. If for example, they have just read an article you can then show them a video that relates to it on a similar subject on your site.

What Features And Benefits Of Convertbox Are Unique?

Probably the biggest benefit to be had from using Convertbox compared to other email list building tools such as Optin Monster, Sumo, or Thrive Leads is that it will allow for more advanced behaviour personalisation.

Convertbox's 2-step opt-in is one of the extra features introduced that will allow you to create up to 4 buttons that will allow people to be sent to a different opt-in form. This opt-in form will then contain a trigger that causes tags to be created relating to different segments. By using this tool in action, you will be able to instantly funnel people to the right page.

You will also be able to trigger and show people different “Convertboxes” based on their behaviour.

Here is the list of TARGETS for you to show your Convertboxes.
Powerful behaviour targeting rules - convertbox review

Powerful behaviour targeting rules

TOP TIP: Set up tags for your content for example “LM -Blogging Guide” now in convertbox set your optin form for your Lead Magnet (LM) Blogging Guide to only display on posts or pages with that tag.

This way you can quickly update multiple posts and ensure the right Lead Magnet is presented

How You Can Use Convertbox To Grow Your Business

Your email list is one of your most valuable assets.

With Convertbox , you have the ability to create a more personal experience for people to help build your email list.

When it comes to anything from form fields, form sizes and form design, make sure your website visitors are converted into emails to grow your business.

By using the form builders found within the software, you will be able to build capture forms that give better user experiences to the people that visit your website and, as a result, ups your conversion rate.

You are then able to offer them a more relevant product or lead magnet, so you end up getting more people engaged with your campaigns. This results in more clicks, subscribes and purchases.

All of this can be done with the same amount of traffic.

From now on you won't be sending any more “generic” messages to your subscribers.

Alternatives To Convertbox?

I've taken a look at the other alternatives to Convertbox and the ones that are closest to this at the moment are Converflow and Rightmessage.

However, the one that is very similar is Rightmessage which can edit all of your website as well as your opt-in forms.

So really this is the closest one to it.

What I Like About Convertbox

I am very excited to share with you WHY I love using Convertbox so much.

  • Firstly, it is very easy to use. You don't need to design your own popups, landing pages, etc. You simply edit the text and details it will format a gorgeous opt-in for you.
  • Both the personalisation and segmentation work. You just need to make sure you choose an email marketing software that is tag-based such as Drip, ActiveCampaign or Convertkit (not related to convertbox!) LIFETIME PRICING FOR CONVERTBOX
  • Creating your forms is very easy. You just choose the element you want to use and edit it.
  • The design capabilities have been seriously updated in the last year and now they're looking pretty good.
  • This lifetime deal cannot be beaten. No more monthly payments EVER!
  • Also for a further small investment, you can even get an AGENCY Licence.

What I Don't Like About Convertbox

When I first started with Convertbox there were several glaring issues, the design ability wasn't very good. You got templates with a little room to change things. At the time that was a major issue for me but over time this has improved and the design functionality has come on by leaps and bounds.

There really isn't anything I don't like everything that was an issue has been addressed.

Minor issues like lack of A/B testing have been addresses so you now have split testing available.

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Disclosure: I am an affiliate and a real user of Convertbox. I only ever recommend products that I tested and used and found to be worthwhile and helpful. Should you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact me.

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