A Day Of Voxer - 1:1 Coaching and Support

Make Things Happen With 1 day of Voice and Text Support

Personal Coaching With a Difference

Monthly coaching isn't for everyone, it can be awkward jumping on a call at the same time each week, feeling guilty because you haven't completed tasks and some people just hate face to face conversations

It can also be expensive, and worst of all after that call you still have to do what was discussed.

So I've spent the last few months looking for a solution and I've found it through a desktop and phone app called Voxer which allows voice and text chat, perfect for 1:1 coaching on a single day.

Want to Make Things Happen - Without Overwhelm?

Ever wanted to:
- Fix up that email sequence,
- Build a Funnel,
- Create a Course,
- Build a blog,
- Set up a service business,
- Create an ad campaign strategy?
- etc.

We all have projects we've been putting off now is your chance to get them done in one day. With the 1:1 Voxer coaching you'll have access to me for a whole day.

You can use that time to create, fix or upgrade your business, I'll be there all day to give advice and answer questions.

What Is Voxer & Why Is This Coaching So Different?

Voxer is a FREE walkie-talkie style app that allows us to send voice or text messages back and forth. Which means…

  • We can take time in between messages to process our responses (= significantly higher value responses from me!)

  • You Can Plan to Create or Finish a Project In One day(= significantly higher value responses from me!)

  • You can send me a message from literally anywhere (your desk, walking your dog, while you’re making lunch in the kitchen, sitting in the local Starbucks, or from your couch or bed!)

  • You can replay messages however much you want (in case you missed something or need to hear/read it again to process)

  • You have the freedom & flexibility to implement something right away and come back later for feedback (vs. Zoom calls where everything is hypothetical until you can take action afterwards)

  • You don’t have to block off 1-2 hours for an intensive sit-down session (= less brain-melt, less stress, and less overwhelm)

  • You actually get MORE support than you’d get with a single Zoom session (Used to paying a premium for a 60-90 minute Zoom session? With Voxer, you’ll get significantly more [valuable] time cumulatively for less!)

  • You don’t have to show up for a live call at all! (= you don’t even have to brush your hair or where a real shirt)

  • & the list goes on…

I’m pretty convinced that Voxer coaching is the BEST way to offer low stress support on topics that often stress people out.

So let’s make it happen!

How Will It Work?

Nothing could be simpler!  You tell me what you want to work on during the day and I'll create a task list for you. Then for the next 8 hours I am there for you.

You then message me any questions during the day and I reply and keep you on track.

As you finish each step send it through to me and I'll get back to you with any suggestions I may have.

It's like me being sat at a desk next to you!

What about Timezone Differences

The time scheduled is a nominal working day 9am to 5pm (CET) however I have extended that time to 8am to 8pm (CET)so that would cover most people.

Obviously this won't suit everyone so for those that can't do a straight 8 hours "shift" I am happy to split the time up between 2 4 hour sessions

Let's Get Stared!

This is an Introductory offer of $125 normal price $197.


If you have any questions not covered please email me at [email protected]

How long does it take you to respond to messages?

I set you as high priority for my day, so I should always respond within 20-30 minutes unless I’m researching or working on something for you. I’ll let you know if I need more time to get you your answer in advance.

Do I have to use voice messaging?

Nope! You can send text messages via Voxer as well, if that’s what you prefer. I can usually glean a lot more info hearing you talk things through though, so I encourage the voice messaging!

What if I get busy and don’t utilize much of the Coaching Hours?

If I’m not hearing from you during our Coaching Hours, I’m going to nag you a bit to get you on board. But I ultimately cannot be held responsible for unused coaching time after I’ve set aside my own time to be accessible to you. Multi-tasking is one of the beautiful things about Voxer coaching, but you still need to set aside time to engage!

What if I message you right before the end of Coaching Hours?

If I receive your message within Coaching Hours, I will get back to you same-day even if it’s after hours. 🙂

What if I message you outside of Coaching Hours?

You can message me before Coaching Hours begin and I’ll just reply after we get started at 10am on your Coaching Day! If you need to get a hold of me after the end of our Coaching Day, however, you’ll have to email me. You can also book additional days at any time!

What if I can’t be available during your Coaching Hours but I want Voxer Coaching?

Send me an email and we’ll see if we can work something out! While I’m almost never available on weekends, I can sometimes find flexibility in my schedule for different times on weekdays.

Do I have to pay for Voxer?

Nope, Voxer is free! If you’ve never used it before, I can help you get started. It’s super simple! 🙂