Free Affiliate Marketing Course

Affiliate marketing need not be complicated.  In fact the simpler you make it the better your campaigns will perform.

I recently put together a course based on the exact process I've used to take my affiliate commissions from $100 to $5000 in just over a year.

Here is an outline of the method I use on a day to day basis, the great thing about this system is that once you have it set up then it's just a matter of checking it a few times a week and making the occasional tweak.

My system is probably a little different to most people but it works for me and I am sure it will work for you.

I create content based around the product I want to sell, I try to find keywords that have little competition and can rank on page one of google with little effort or SEO.

After a while this will generate you organic traffic which is a bonus.

Before the organic traffic kicks in I'll post links to the article on social media. I try to schedule posts to go out at various times over a year.

Usually I'll create up to 10 social posts for each article.

I then create a series of $1 a day Facebook ads that either drive traffic to the article, these can be video (animoto style) or image. My personal preference is for video as they get more engagements which means more people for the next step.

I then run another $1 a day ad to anyone who has engaged with my site for over 30 seconds my videos for over 10 seconds or 25%.

This ad has my affiliate link and drives traffic to whatever I'm promoting.

I promote several products and last week $63 worth of ads generated $1135

I documented everything I do and added it to a 100% free Affiliate Marketing Course you can get access by clicking on the link below.

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