Funnelytics – Lessons From a Launch

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

I recently ran a small launch to some of my subscribers. rather than just do a normal Funnelytics review I decided to create a report showing what I learned from the launch I've also added a video which shows some of the features and the live results

I use a Funnelytics pro account to track the data and see where sales came from.  I have tried this in the past with many tools but for one reason or another the results were not what i hoped.  This time Funnelytics performed perfectly and I finally got data I could rely on.

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Here is the Article.

I've just been going through the data I gathered during the pre-launch of the 5K method last week.

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts,

This is the first time I've been able to gather all the data and track everything properly and with 100% confidence

In the past I'd have slightly different data from difference sources and the data was spread across several different apps and tools.

If you saw the video I did last week of Funnelytics you'll have seen that I was able to track every source and they even highlighted sources I didn't know about.. (thanks for the 3 visitors bing!)

Having the ability to track everything in one place spurred me on to email every day and to ensure I used the UTM codes that were generated.

Over the course of 8 emails I got 750 unique visitors to the landing page, not many at first glance but that's over 70% of my list and doesn't include any members here so the figure is closer to 75%

Compared to what I achieved with email Facebook was a total washout. It did get a ROAS of around 300% but the worst performing email did the same number of sales as Facebook did all week.

The Facebook side of things wasn't helped by them disallowing ads then allowing on review and for failing to even review the ad I had scheduled to run for the last 48 hours until 2 hours before the end..

In the end I spent less than 30% of the budget I'd put aside for FB ads..

The lesson here: Don't rely on FB for short run campaigns!

This 100% highlighted the need to get people from Facebook to a List as a priority and as a long term goal.


The email performance ranked from best to worst was:

Day 1, Day 7 (24 hours left), Day 2, Day 3, Day5 &6 (tied) day 8 (6 hours left) and Day 4. (Day 4 Was a DUD!)

This divides up into known buyer types quite accurately.

The Cheetah - People who buy quickly and don't need much persuasion . (Important to know as webinars etc will turn them off) Purchased on Day 1 and 2 40% of purchases . (This is my buyer type I hate webinars, and PLF type video sequences.. Just show me the Cart and I'll buy if i'm interested.!)

The Rabbit - Slower to buy and need a few nudges, email sequences are ideal.
Day's 3,4,5,6 . 37% of purchases (maybe scheduling a short notice webinar may have had a positive effect with this audience or a series of videos)

The Tortoise - Purchased in the last 24 hours Put off buying to the end, need to a deadline to commit Day 7&8 . (24 hours to go, 6 hours to go) 23% of purchases.

This highlights the need to cater for each type of buyer in your email sequences, I think I did this quite well with the sequence I created,

Once someone purchased they didn't receive any further emails this meant that I could structure the sequence to suit the different buyer types.

The first 2 emails were quite fact based , this is what you are getting etc.

The next 4 emails were slightly more educational and showed the "Rabbit" audience some tips and got them thinking about what the course could do for them. I wasn't 100% happy with one of the emails so i'll change that when i add it to the evergreen sequence.

The final 2 emails were simply .. it's ends in XX hours don't wake up on Monday regretting not buying .. Get it now type of emails very short and to the point.

I'd recommend thinking about some of these points when you are creating email sequence and setting up campaigns.

Finally Deadline Funnel worked well again and I'll use it in the evergreen sequence. Probably with a 50% discount for 72 hours on the back of a free report and then a follow up sequence.

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