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At Simplify Your Marketing our focus is on simplifying the marketing processes you use on a daily basis. We we believe that if it's simple it will work.

If you are an affiliate marketer, an email marketer or a course creator we are here to help you.

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Simplify Your Marketing

Have you ever played a game of Chinese whispers?

It's where someone at the end of a line whispers something to the next person and by the time it gets to the end of the line its something totally different.

I've just described the current state of Online Marketing.

Frank teaches Russel, Russel does a course. Some of the members do their own version of that course and before you know it, it a complicated hot mess.

If you read no further please remember this...

Marketing doesn't need to be complicated:

  • You don't need deep funnels with up-sells and down-sells

  • You don't need to promote 20 different products

  • You don't need a stressful launch every quarter

  • You don't need deep funnels with up-sells and down-sells

  • You need one offer, that you focus on

  • When you simplify marketing you can scale easily

  • Simple Marketing is Profitable Marketing

  • Simple Marketing frees up time

If you sell courses you don't need launches you can automate an evergreen system, make more sales and have more time to do what matters to you.

If you are an affiliate you don't need bonuses and weekly campaigns.  You can automate the process so your simplified marketing system works for you.

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Who Am I? 

I'm Mark Thompson and I've been an online marketer for 16 years. I got into the business from necessity (I was broke and had a family to feed, cloth and house).
I love to test and simplify things which I then share with our Facebook Group Members .  Everything I teach has been tested and proven to work.