How To Come Up With A Blog Name (Revised 2022)

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

If you are reading this I assume that you are about to start a blog, if so the first step to building a popular blog will be having a catchy name. This article will show you how to come up with a blog name and hopefully get the perfect name.

I can't emphasise enough how important it is to choose a blog name that fit's into your blog niche, is well branded and is easily remembered.

(This guide is regularly updated so check back, the last update being 1st September 2020) This article is designed to guide you through the whole process of brainstorming and choosing a blog name and ensuring that it will give you a solid foundation on which to start creating your blog empire Well done on taking the first steps, But before you start, you need to take time to ensure that you get the right name.

The blog title you choose will be with you for years to come, so extra time spent getting a brandable name is worth the effort.

It could even contribute to your blog's success or failure, unfortunately 95% of blogs stop being updated after 6 months this article will help you avoid that fate.

So, let's get started and help you to come up with a name that will lead to a successful blogging career and successful online identity.

I've broken the guide down into 2 sections.

Part 1 is the theory behind choosing the right blog name and Part 2 is the actual method you'll use to get your desired blog name let's get started.

Part 1- How to come up with a Blog Name - Theory

What is The Topic Of Your Blog?

Before you choose your name, you need to have a firm grasp of what your blog is about. Get this wrong now and you may find yourself blogging about a topic that doesn't relate to you blog name.

Blogs come in many different styles, so what type of blog are you going to create?

That's your first choice to make, there are many styles of blog all with a distinct feel. What's your style?

A Personal Blog A Business Blog (use your business name if possible) A Lifestyle Blog A Travel Blog A Beauty Blog It's important to pick the right style of blog and then the right name style, If you want to blog about cupcakes and later switch to vegan recipes it's not going to make sense to the reader.

This is not the time to be wishy-washy, you must know exactly what you are going to blog about before you even start with a name idea.

Vague ideas such as I'll blog about being a mom or I'll write about interior design will get you nowhere and lead to your blog being too general.

It's much better to start off with a firm name idea and focus on that. You can always expand your blog later.

Grab a notebook and write down in detail what your blog is going to be about.

Choose a firmly defined idea and be specific, such as:

  • I will blog about: Creating great interiors on a budget
  • I will blog about: Being a mom with twins

This will allow you to start to build a strong brand from the start.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

How to come up with a blog name


Now that you know what you are writing about you need to know who your target audience is. Your audience will define a lot about your blog.

You want to pick a blog name that will resonate with your audience.

Once again if we stick with a blog about cupcakes then the majority of your audience is going to be women, so which name would resonate best? Or I hope you said my pretty cupcakes!

The worst thing you can do at this stage is to choose a name that will alienate or confuse your audience.

You want a blog name that they can relate to and make it clear what your blog is about, this is an important part of building engagement with your audience.

Depending on your niche it sometime doesn't pay to choose a clever name if you are doing a personal brand then the domain name will reflect your business for years to come so think hard!

It's time to grab that notebook again.

This time write down who you think your audience will be.

Following on from the two examples above,


  • I will blog about: Creating great interiors on a budget
  • I will blog about: Being a mom with twins
  • A newly married couple who have just bought their first home and want to make it look great but don't have a lot of money.
  • A young mom who has recently given birth to twins and who needs help and advice.


Knowing your target audience and what you are writing about will not only help you come up with a creative blog name, it will also help you write great content that resonates with your audience.

Let's take a moment to think about this:

The better you know your audience the more relevant the content.

The more relevant your content the more visitors you'll attract.

The more visitors the higher your income.

So the bottom line is knowing your audience and choosing a relevant name will help your blog to succeed.

What Tone Of Voice Will Your Blog Use?

The tone of voice you use on your blog can really set it apart from others in your niche. Quite often you'll find blogs in the same Niche covering the same topics sound totally different. Knowing your writing style will help with this.

Do you want to be humorous or be serious?

Do you want to entertain or teach/preach?

My advice here is simple try to be yourself, talk to your blog readers as if you were sat with friends having a conversation, it might not work for all blogs but for most it's the best way to go.

Unfortunately having amazing content is not enough, you content, your style and your blog name needs to resonate with your audience.


Choosing Your Blog Name Brand or Personal Name?

One consideration you have when naming a blog is to either use your personal name, company name or a brand.

If your name is a relatively common one, your choice of blog name will probably be limited to that of a brand. Personally, I prefer to choose a brand name that I can use.

Having a brandable name rather than a personal brand also gives you the opportunity of selling your blog later on.

The only time I would consider using my full name is if I was offering services to businesses.

However, using your first name as part of the blog name can work well if you are struggling for a good name. For example Woodworking with Ted or Cupcake Christy.

Also remember to check that the name or brand you choose (or a very similar one) is available on social media i.e Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and let's not forget as a Youtube Channel.

If you been around my blog for a long time you may remember it used to be After much soul searching, I decided to change it to a brand and The Lifestyle Marketer was born.

Unfortunately, this means that my twitter name is @M_J_Thompson and my Facebook page is The Lifestyle Marketer Blog.

This confusion could have been avoided with prior planning and a unique name across all channels.

Blogger Beware - How does your Blog name Read?

Creating a blog without checking who the domain name looks can have unforeseen circumstances. while at the same time giving the rest of us a good laugh.

I mean how do you think the owners of (The Rapist Finder) and (It's Crap) felt when the looked at their new site for the first time.

Avoid these issues by looking closely at how your blog name can be viewed.

worst domain names 13

worst domain names 1


How Does Your Domain Name Sound And Look?

Please do not underestimate this tip, let's say for example that you choose a domain name called "Favourite Bites" .  You'll be forever telling US customers "no, it's spelled with a u."  You'll also be telling Tech geeks that it's B.I.T.E.S not B.Y.T.E.S.

And as for what happens when it's an American tech geek I'll let you work it out.

It's also the same with names that are too long.

"The Amazing Awesome Cupcake Store"  might be a great name but try getting it onto business cards, T-shirts and baseball caps.  Where possible keep you domain name toa few short words and as few syllables as possible.

Go With The Flow When Choosing Your Blog Name

Please do not underestimate this tip, let's say for example that you choose a domain name called Favourite Bites. You'll be forever telling US customers no, it's spelled with a u. You'll also be telling Tech geeks that it's B.I.T.E.S not B.Y.T.E.S. Also make sure you use a real word, no one will appreciate you inventing a name just so it fits!

And as for what happens when it's an American tech geek I'll let you work it out.

It's also the same with names that are too long.

The Amazing Awesome Cupcake Store might be a great name but try getting it onto business cards, T-shirts and baseball caps. Where possible keep you domain name to a few short words and as few syllables as possible.

Go With The Flow When Choosing Your Blog Name

It's more than likely that there are lots of blogs in your niche already and you may be tempted to make yourself stand out by using a quirky blog name.

There is a time and place for quirky as we'll see in a moment.

You'll find that each niche seems to have its own blog naming convention and you should stick to this.

They are either descriptive or quirky, occasionally they will be both. Your next job is to see what type of blog names are being used in your niche.

I hope you still have that notebook on hand.

Head across to Google or another search engine and type in Best Blogs. You'll hopefully find lists of the top 20 fashion blogs or the top 100 Paleo Blogs etc.

Start to write down the names of the blogs.

Next search for Blogs and do the same.

Food Blog Names

I found a list of the top ranked food blogs.

As you'll see below, without even knowing what niche I was searching for you would have a pretty good idea just from the blog names.

We can see that Food Blog Names have a very particular style This is good!

If you are creating a food blog then these types of blog names are ones you should look for. There is nothing worng with going for a similar name style.

How To Come Up With A Blog Name


POP Quiz: If you are setting up a food blog what type of name do you think you should use?

I hope you said descriptive blog names!

Fashion Blog Names

Now if you do the same for a fashion blog we get something totally different you'll find that the blog names are mostly quirky blog names.

At a glance you have no idea what types of blogs most of these these are for. Personally I would try to get one that reflected the type of blog it was but if that's not possible you can see that anything goes.

By now you should have an idea of the type of blog name that you want so it's onto the final straight and choosing the right name for your blog.

quirky blog names



Part 2- How To Come Up With A Blog Name

Now let's choose the perfect blog name There are several methods you can use to actually choose your blog name. It's one thing to spend time finding the perfect domain name, unfortunately it means nothing if the domain name availability just isn't there.

There are lots of ways of checking and buying domain names, using a domain checker is a quick and dirty way but there are several tools that do a great job in helping you get additional ideas.

In this section we'll look at some of them. I find it easiest to use several of the methods below and make a list of domain names that may be suitable.

Once that list is long enough I'll do a bulk Domain search to check domain availability.

The first method we'll look at is:

Brainstorming a Blog Name

Take all the information above and brainstorm a list of at least 25 possible blog names.

Be as outrageous and random as you want. Get your family and friends involved and ask them to come up with blog name suggestions, and take your time.

It's important to get this right.

The name should be easy to remember, social media names should be available and they should fit into your niche.

Also consider what happens when it's written as a domain name the words could mean something else. Here's an excellent example a local company here called LoveSpain has a domain that everyone thinks is about something else,!

Blog Name Generators

If you get stuck, you can use a blog name generator or a domain generator for ideas and to check domain name availability.

My current favourite is : 

As you start to type your chosen words in it finds available domain names. some are premium names but many are available for $8 to $10

Screenshot 2019 03 08 at 14.21.09


Another great site  is Panabee. It's also one of the simplest to use.

Enter your topic and it will come up with ideas for you. Take the best ones and use them to build your list of  blog titles.

You can search on Google for "Blog Name Generator" or "Domain Name Generator" to find may more if Panabee or Instant Domain Names doesn't suit you.

Screenshot 2019 03 08 at 14.25.09

Adding Suffixes to Niche Related Words

By adding suffixes to names or partial names related to your niche it's often easy to find available domain names.

In the example below I used the word blogging.

Screenshot 2019 03 08 at 14.26.12


Now it's time to see if they are available.

Bulk Domain Search

Head to Namecheap and select the bulk option.

Enter your list of names into the box on the left and choose Search these extensions. Initially you want to only choose .com (or etc. depending on your international audience). If no .coms are available then it's back to the drawing board or you can try another domain extension. My second choice is .co .

If you go for .co and find a domain available, I would recommend making sure the .com isn't in use as you don't want any confusion with similar blogs.

If you are struggling you can always try to add a random word and try to get more name suggstions.

Finding Available Domain Names

Screen Shot 2016 11 17 at 14.43.40


If you add .com to the end of the domain name you can choose the I entered a fully qualified domain name. This tends to return cleaner results.

When you are ready to go, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on search, you'll get a list of available domains. If you are lucky, your favourite ones will be available for $8.88.

If a domain is being sold privately it is possible that it will be much more expensive.

I looked for a good domain name for a blog about cupcakes and brainstormed 5 names.

namecheap results


Give the difference in pricing who wouldn't want Cuppy Cuppy Yum Yum over CupCakeGal? (maybe I should have brainstormed longer!)

So that's it, you should have no problems coming up with a blog name


Finding the perfect domain name is going to take you time and effort but it's worth it. A mistake a this stage could set you back 6 months so it's better to spend a few days doing research and getting it right first time.

Remember to take into account your Audience, Your tone of voice, what type of names your niche uses and please ensure you know exactly what your new blog is going to be about.

Once you have your initial data brainstorm as many names as can and then check what's available.

Welcome to your new blog, it should now have an awesome name.

It would be remiss of me not to mention a few sites to read and follow before you go:

Problogger every blogger should read their content, you'll get great blogging tips and you can also hire writers if you ever need them.

Laurie shares tips on blogging and creating an online business Now fellow blogger, go create an awesome blog with an awesome name.

Content Not your Blog Name is the Ultimate Road to Success

Now that you know How To Come Up With A Blog Name, What happens after you create your blog? Getting that blog up and running is really just the start, the hard work starts now.

Have you got a plan for that yet?

It's a sad fact that 95% of blogs NEVER get updated after 6 months.. 95% I am sure you'll agree that's shocking.

I've been blogging for 15 years and it's been my only source of income for all of those years, so the good news to take from that is it's possible to create a career from blogging and online marketing.

Personally, I believe the best way to achieve success is to build your blog and use it to build your email list as you go. If that's something that sounds attractive to you and you have an hour or less a day to devote to building an online business that will bring you a 6 figure income then grab my free mini-course.