How To Track Sales Channels With Thrivecart

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

How To Track Sales With Thrivecart

As marketers our business depends on us mastering making sales, the more sales channels we have the more sales we make.  In this article we'll look at how to track sales through different channels with Thrivecart.

When I am promoting my products it's likely that I'll have traffic from different sources.  I'll send emails, I'll run facebook ads, I'll run ads on Google and post the link in relevant forums.

When I look at the sales figures from let's say Facebook it's showing a massive amount of conversions. Great... But is that accurate?

What happens when someone on my list buys the product but also see's the ad in Facebook?

Facebook can take credit for that sale.

The ideal way to handle this is to have a unique link for each channel.

Here is how I do that.

1. Add the Duplicate Pages plugin to my site. This allows me to clone my sales page.

I now have a separate sales page for Facebook, email, google etc.

2. Use a unique thrivecart link on each page.

3. Add the relevant link to each relevant buy button.

So for example if I was running traffic from a facebook ad the tracking id I'd use on the page would be:
Screenshot 2019 03 14 at 09.21.064. Ensure that you have added all relevant tracking codes to your cart such as the Facebook pixel. These codes can be applied to all of your funnel or specific pages such as the checkout, upsell or conversion page.


How To Track Sales With Thrivecart

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