How To Turn a $47 Product into a $1497 Product

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

As Internet Marketers,  we are in a tiny fishbowl and because of that we make certain assumptions based on what we see every day.

Oh no, that won't work.

I can't do that.

Everyone knows that already.

However there's a huge big area outside of our little fish bowl that we never really consider.

This week I saw a product for sale and if I pitched this anyone in the IM fishbowl,they'd all say:

"That's not worth anything we know that already.

The product showed people how to set up a low cost product on the front end (we'd call it a tripwire) and then have a higher product as an upsell. In this case it was a tripwire of $27 and an upsell of $77


This is what we've been doing in the IM niche for years.

Tripwire to upsell that's it. That's what the course was teaching.

I bet most of you know that already and if i pitched this as a $27 or $47 product you'd not be interestd.

This product was selling for $1,497 and it's selling well!

The difference was that the person selling it was selling to coaches outside of the Internet marketing niche. She was selling to coaches, Fempreneur's,  Mmompreneur's  and “heart centred” marketers (whatever that is ...bah humbug)

This person is  pitching what we do every day for $1,500 and people are buying it… Because she is marketing outside the fishbowl

We think we can't sell that for $47 because we think that in our niche, everybody knows everything.

There is a huge big ocean of prospects available to you think outside where you are.

Everybody who's done the 5K Method  (click on the link to get the free training) will know in there, one of the main points I shammer home  is sell Internet Marketing products because you've got good commissions and so you got lots of potential, but don't sell to Internet Marketers.

Your local butcher down the high street needs a funnel. You could sell Clickfunnels to your local butcher and you could off a service by actually maintaining it for him.He could do a weekly offers, subscription boxes and  he could build leads. He doesn't know he can do this until you tell him and  sell him the software or the course.

My biggest affiliate commission was $1,127 which was I sold a product to a property broker.

I sold them Activecampaign by showing and telling them what it could do for them that Mailchimp couldn't do

 "You can do this, this, this and this and this "

"Really can I? "


So he signed up for an annual account and paid for his list of 100,000  business owners.

So, Just do internet marketing, but broaden your base and then you can sell anything.

And maybe make a sale of $1,497 for teaching people how to build a trip wire.

It works.