Introducing Purchasing Power Parity

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

What is Purchasing Power Parity?

Purchasing Power Parity takes into account the purchasing power of different countries. (Here is the Wikipedia description) to simplify it means how much will a $1 get you in a country?

When you take into account the local income rates it can mean that in relative terms it costs double to purchase the same product in different countries. So in real terms, a product that costs $50 in the United States might in real terms cost $100 in India or Vietnam.

This can prevent a lot of people from being able to purchase products that can change their lives. As an example of Purchasing Power Parity, you might then automatically reduce the cost of your products by 50% for customers in India

Nobody should be excluded from buying a product because of where they were born.

Introducing Purchasing Power Parity For All My Products

Going forward I have added PPP to all my products, on each page you'll find a banner at the top of the site with a discount code (won't work if you are using a VPN) copy that code and apply it to the checkout on Gumroad

The code looks something like this...

Purchasing Power Parity

Which Products Are Included?

I have included all 3 products for now and I'll add any new products. The discount will also apply to all future products.

The Inner Circle

Email Infotainer

30 Minute Affiliate


How To Claim Purchasing Power Parity?

To claim your local discount simply head to the relevant page above and grab the discount code (they change automatically so check before buying) then click the checkout/Learn More button and you'll be taken to Gumroad.

Apply the code to the coupon code box and your discount will be automatically applied.