What's involved in creating a new online business from scratch?

This month in SMO we are going to build a business from nothing but a few ideas.

Want to build your business along with us?  The same principles and methods I use can be used for multiple different kinds of business.

It is my intention to keep the costs low where possible so you can use whatever tools you already have and build your business to suit you.

I think I'll be spending less than $50 on mine, I could do it for about $10 if I stuck with what I already have.

During the next few weeks you'll not only get the theory but you'll see me build everything I need.

You can then apply the principles and methods to your own business.

I can assure you that I'll make this as simple as possible and provide all the help you'll need.

Check the first video below where I plan the business. I recorded this "as live" without edits you you can see the whole process without anything being left out.(The other Videos should be 5-8 minutes long)

If you think it's for you use the buttons below to join us.
See you on the other side.