Here are 101 Jobs You Can Do From Home

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

We recently did a live show where we went through some of the things you can do to make sure your online business comes through the current crisis stronger than it was at the start, To help you here is a list of 101 jobs you can do from home.

I'll add a resources section to the end of the article and I'll link to the live show and accompanying podcast along with other useful resources .

The first thing to take to heart is that if you are an Online Marketer or want to be an Online Marketer this is an opportunity for you to do all the things you should be doing but always seem to slip away.

For example, you can create better funnels, rewrite email sequences, prepare content, do a full content audit, improve your skills, revisit courses you purchased and re-watch them.

You also have a lot of skills you can use use to help other businesses so consider setting up a service business and offering your services to others.

This article looks at 113 Virtual Jobs that you can do from home

Whether you call them Virtual jobs, Virtual assistant jobs, work from home jobs or if you call your self a Virtual Assistant, a VA, a Digital Nomad or even a Mompreneur supplying an online service is one of the fastest ways to generate an online income.

In this post I want to look at 101 112 jobs you can do online, although I over time there will be a lot more added.

Defining Virtual Jobs

I don't particularly like the term virtual jobs as it tends to give the impression of it being less that a "Real Job".

Being a virtual assistant, digital nomad or whatever you want to call it is just as valid a job as any other in fact I would go as far as to say that these jobs are the future and Virtual Workers are the pioneers.

I define a virtual job as being any skilled task that can be performed by a location independent person. You are in every way a freelancer.

Throughout this article I'll mix and match the terms virtual worker, virtual assistant, service based business, virtual jobs etc.  They all pretty much mean the same thing and are performed in the same manner.

jobs you can do from home

Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Many Virtual assistants get work through sites like Upwork People Per Hour and Fiverr while this is a way of getting work I would recommend leaving these sites as a last resort.

While there is no doubt that you can pick up a lot of work on these sites they do take a healthy chunk of your income and you are in competition with many other virtual workers some of whom have much lower living costs than you and who can happily "low ball' their offers.

The solution to this is to work directly with clients, this isn't difficult but it does require you to have a framework in place which includes a landing page and communication channels.

All this is simple to achieve, my wife has been a content writer for 8 years a a while back she decided to create a new service and it took 3 hours to build it... yes just 3 hours. Within a few hours of starting to spread the word she had her first clients.

The upsides of creating your own service business and promoting it yourself are many.

You will be earning much more.
You have a business that you can quickly scale and grow.
You have a business that can be sold on
You have a client base that you can connect with when you add new services
You have clients that can help you get new jobs.

Where To Start?

The first thing to do is to do an audit of the skills you have and the tools you use on a daily basis.

Next list the tasks you are happy to do, if you don't enjoy doing a task for your own business you'll hate doing it for someone else.

Don't skimp on this task open every piece of software on your computer and every piece of software you have access to online.

Once you've created this offer it's time to decide which services you can offer.


What Services To Offer?

The services you offer can range for the simple to the more complicated, from installing a plugin to creating a complete website.

You are only limited by your skills.

Too many people just assume that they can only offer mainstream skills like creating graphics and content writing far from it, there are thousands of services people need every day.

Before you start take time to refer to the list of every skill you have and every software tool you've used.

You'll be surprised at what skills you have. One of the first tasks I do with clients I mentor is to list their assets this include both tools and things they own and also skills they have. I've never had one person not be surprised at the end.

For example if you can use mind-mapping software to turn concepts and ideas into plans you can sell that service.

Preparing Your Offer

The next step is to prepare a landing page that lays out the services you offer.. and how they can contact you!

Make sure you include a chat app, your email address or any other contact methods you can use. The easier it is to make contant and the quicker to get the conversation started the more clients you'll pick up.

Next start to  reach out and find clients, there are FB groups dedicated to this, you can run simple ads on Facebook

"Need Cool Graphics For Your Blog?"
We provide awesome branded graphics to the travel industry click here for examples

Don't over think it, call out your ideal client.

  • Find The Services You Can Offer
  • Create a Landing page
  • Find Clients
  • Communicate with them


Below you'll find the list of 113 different virtual jobs that you can perform, there are going to be many more so just use this to spark your Imagination

Before we get to them here are some resources that will help you get up and running.

One option to consider is creating a course around a skill you may have, anything from caring for cacti to bell ringing can make a great course. Read more about it in the following post: How To Sell Online Courses – Increase Course sales in 2021

Simplify Your Marketing - Our Free Community for online marketers.

Build A Service Business - This is a case study where we set up a service business and get our first client in under 72 hours it was part of the Serious Marketers Only Pro All Access Pass but we've made it available to non-members

The Live Show - In this live show we looked at how you can come out of the current crisis much stronger.



Podcast (and every good podcast service search for "The Friday Live Thing")

101 Virtual Jobs You Can Do From Home

Let's get started with listing the jobs, i'll try to break them down into general broad categories then list related services you can offer.

These are designed primarillary to spark your Imagination and give you ideas of just some of the tasks you can do.

To start with I've broken this down into 2 sections,  jobs based on your tech skills with tools and software and jobs based on traditional Virtual Assistant jobs, there maybe a little bit of crossover with these

Please add suggestions in the comments section and we'll grow this baby.

Your Tech/Skills  Stack - Software You Can Use

1.Spreadsheets -(excel, numbers, Openoffice, google sheets)

2. Slide software - ( Powerpoint, Keynote, Google Slides)

3. Infusionsoft - setting up Infusion soft campaigns

4. Email Service Providers (Activecampaign, Drip, Convertkit)

5. Mindmapping

6. Videos tools  -( iMovie, Camtasia, Screenflow)

7. YouTube - uploading and seoing videos

8. Creating and managing Facebook ads

9. Adwords/bing - creating and managing Adwords and bing ads

10. Lead generation tools - creating landing pages and funnels with Clickfunnels , Leadpages etc

11. Traffic and conversions - creating tracking systems & reports  using tracking tools

Roles Of A VA

  1. General Virtual Assistant (GVA)
  2. Audio / Video Editor
  3. Content Writer
  4. SEO / Web Marketer
  5. Graphic / Web Designer
  6. Web Developer

General VA Tasks

1. Filtering Emails / Managing Spam

2. Database Building / Updating Contacts or CRM

3. Answering Customer Service Emails /Tickets / Chat Support

4. Sending of Greetings eCards, Event Invitations, etc.

5. Calendar Management

6. Appointment Scheduling

7. Travel Arrangement and Planning

8. Reminder Services

9. Dropbox / Google Drive Organization

10. Data Entry in Word, or Google Docs

11. Creating / Managing Spreadsheets

12. Preparing Powerpoint / keynote Presentations

13. PDF Conversion, Splitting and Merging

14. Transcription of Video and Audio Files

15. Simple eBook Layout / Formatting

16. Preparing Online Meeting Minutes

17. Report Creation

18. Forms Creation

19. Document Template Creation

20. Online Research

21. Data Mining & Development / Lead Generation

22. Blog Publishing Management

23. Moderating Blog Comments

24. Adding Tags & Images to Blog Posts

25. Receptionist Duties

26. Voicemail Checking

27. Sending Client Invoices

28. Basic Bookkeeping (MYOB, XERO & Quickbooks)

29. Personal Errands (Purchasing Gifts Online, etc.)

30. Project Management & Training Tasks

31. Project Management Between You and Team members

32. Preparation of Training Materials

33. Training of New Virtual Staff

34. Deadline / Deliverables Tracking

35. Social Media Management Tasks

36. Creating Facebook Fan Pages / Groups

37. Posting and Scheduling Facebook Insights

38. Promoting Facebook Pages

39. Collating and Interpreting Facebook Insights

40. Creating a Twitter Account

41. Managing and Increasing Your Twitter Following

42. Schedule Tweets and Track Mentions and Hashtags

43. Create and Manage LinkedIn Account / Profile

44. Create Pinnable Images on Pinterest

45. Scheduling and Tracking Pins

46. Create and Manage YouTube Account

47. Upload Videos on YouTube

48. Moderating YouTube Comments

49. Uploading Videos to other Video Sharing Sites / Social Media

50. Answer inquiries and Messages on All Channel & Profiles

51. Create Slideshare Presentations

52. Creating a New List in Email Marketing Software

53. Adding and Removing Subscribers from Lists

54. Creating and Scheduling Broadcast Emails to Promote Content

55. Editing Follow-up Emails and Auto-responders

56. Creating Email Newsletters

57. Editing / Proofreading Emails

Audio/Video Editor Tasks

58. Basic Editing of Audio Files

59. Removing Background Noise from Audio and Video

60. Adding Intro’s and Outro’s to Videos

61. Basic Photoshop / Image Editing (Not Graphic Design)

62. Powerpress (Podcasting WP Plugin) Installation

63. Podcast Setup on iTunes

64. Podcast Insertion on Blogpost

Content Writer Tasks

65. Content / Blog Post Creation 66. Guest Blogging / Ghost Blogging

67. SEO Writing

68. Press Release Writing

69. Newsletter Writing

70. Copywriting (Don’t Suggest Sales Copy)

71. Directory Submission

72. Article Spinning

73. Article Marketing

SEO/Web Marketer Tasks

74. Site Analysis

75. Keyword Research for Blog Content

76. Competitor Analysis

77. Landing Page Set-up/Creation

78. Web Master Submission

79. Sitemap Submissions

80. On-page optimization for a post / page

81. Off-page optimization for a post / page

82. Social Bookmarking (Digg, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious)

83. Creating a Social Bookmarking Tracking Sheet

84. Blog Commenting – Off Page Optimization

85. Forum Participation / Moderation

86. Creating Backlinks / Link Buidling

87. Weekly / Monhtly Google Analytics & Traffic Reports

88. Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports

Graphic/Web Designer Tasks

89. Designing Logos, Banners, Icons, eBook Covers and Headers

90. Designing Infographics Images (Content Provided)

91. Designing Websites, Creating Mock-Ups

92. Designing Landing / Sales / Opt-In Pages

93. Basic Video Editing (Splicing Intros & Outros with Raw Footage)

Web Developer Tasks

94. Support and Develop WordPress (PHP) Websites

95. Install WordPress PlugIns and Themes

96. WordPress Theme Customization

97. WordPress Functionality and PlugIn Enhancement

98. Site Maintenance / Security and Troubleshooting

99. CRM Integration & Social Media Integration

100. Payment Gateway Integration

101. Install and Support an Email Ticketing System (eg. ZenDesk)