The 5K Method

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Do you struggle with affiliate marketing?

Have you spent valuable time trying to build your business and for every step forward you seem to take 5 paces back?aff2

In January last year my total affiliate income was around $100 15 months later it's in a much better situation.

I didn't spend more money on ads, buy expensive tools or write more content I changed the way I approach affiliate marketing.

In this article I lay out the exact method I used to grow my affiliate income, I've also created a Free course showing the simple method I used

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The featured image at the top of this article is my complete and total system for generating sales online I call it the 5K method, but it could just as easily be the 1k method or the 10k method that part is all down to you

I hope its self explanatory

That's it, nothing more no confusing upsells and downsells no "just one funnel away"

Whether I am promoting an affiliate product or selling my content, this is all I use.

It works.

I'll be the first to admit that you won't make a million dollars a year from using this on one site. But you can make $5000 to $10,000 a month with this and nothing else.

To put that in perspective that's $170 to $340 per day.

So 2 X $97 sales a day or 4 X $47 would easily have you in that range.  Does that seem achievable to you?

I hope so, because it is for most people who implement and focus on achieving their goals.  (“If you build it, they will come” is a fallacy once you build it you need to take action every day to drive traffic to your content.)

The only slight difference I may incorporate is that on some sites I put the Sales Page/Landing page/Bridge page at the front and on others at the back, it all depends on the buying phase people are in.

If they are starting their research, I put educational content on the front end (i.e. something like this article) if they are completing their research I put the bridge page on the front.

A bridge page is just a page inserted between an ad and a companies checkout page you control,  it's much better to use this than to drive traffic from ads to a 3rd party site.

Don't get sucked into over complicating things, start with a model like this, and refine it until it's working and highly profitable.

The Minimal Marketing Stack

Keeping it simple like this also has another huge benefit: you don't need a lot of expensive tools.

I've said in other posts my main marketing stack is just three tools.

One to collect subscribers’ email addresses (Convertbox),  one to email my subscribers (ActiveCampaign) and one to take payments (Thrivecart), everything else is a luxury or free.

I hope that this inspires you. Anyone can get a profitable site without breaking the bank or wasting six months researching and building.

The hardest part of this model is getting everything set up in the first place, but starting from scratch you should be able to do this in a week. After that, it is just a case of focusing on driving traffic to your content.

Traffic Generation

The 5K Method Serious Marketers Only

      • For this, I use a mixture of:
    • Placing links where my audience are
    • Good on Page SEO to get organic traffic
    • Dennis Yu’s "$1 a Day Method,"

Placing Links

Monitor relevant forums and groups and when someone asks a related question give and in-depth answer and then provide a link to an article that gives more details, this is also a great way to find what you write about.

A well-placed reply can generate a lot of traffic, one post I did a year back got over 2000 visitors from Reddit.

As a bonus by placing your links in forums and on social media, you'll get back links that will also help your SEO, this leads nicely into the second method.

Good On Page SEO

Screenshot 2019 02 21 at 10.01.40

Getting basic SEO methods in place from the start can do a lot to help you grow your traffic without much additional income.

This image shows one of my articles and a video ranking on the front page of google for a product review,  the article is under 4 days old at this point.

The easiest way to do this is to use a plugin like Yoast SEO or a Tool Like Webtexttool.

They will give you step-by-step instructions detailing what you need to do to get good on page SEO, for many reviews and comparison articles this is all you'll need.

$1 a day advertising

To use this method, set your ads budget at $7 and run it for 7 days.

Then, at the end of seven days, if they are performing well, you scale them up if they aren’t you end them.

The best way to do this is to use the ads to create an awareness of you, your products or site not to sell.

We then show the people that react to the first ad another ad that increases engagement finally you can run ads to these last set of people that aim to generate sales.

The important part of all this is the first set of ads.

Here is an example where I promote a video that promotes a free email challenge.

Screenshot 2019 02 20 at 15.10.17

And here are the results

Screenshot 2019 02 20 at 15.10.41
Eight cents for a 10 second view is good as the video was only around 15 seconds long.

The people who watched 10 seconds and didn’t sign up were then re-targeted with a different ad.

The 5K Method Serious Marketers Only

Your content should hold your business together like the best glue in the world.

It's the only thing that people have to judge you and your business on, so make sure it's good! If a potential customer come to your site and see's a lightweight 400 word piece of content that doesn't cover the topic in depth or give the answers they need do you think they'll hang around?

Hell no, they'll go looking for the content that gives them the answer they want.

Your content should be above 1200 words and long enough to answer the readers' questions and (here's the important bit) keep them curious enough to know more.

For example, if someone was looking to set up a food truck selling vegan sausages, they might search for "How to Set Up a Vegan Food Truck" and find your article "5 Things Every Vegan Food Truck Owner Needs To Know"

They'll read your excellent article and get answers to their questions.  Now, because you know how to correctly set up your site and articles, a few things will happen.

1. After 30 seconds, your pixels will fire and you will have built an audience of people who are interested in setting up Vegan Food trucks.

2. They'll see your free report " 10 Menu ideas For Vegan Food Truck Owners" many will opt-in to receive this and you'll now have a list of Vegan Food Truck owners

3. The ones that opt-in will get loads of great information about Vegan Food Truck ownership over the coming days via email and you will establish yourself as the go-to guy or girl in this niche.

4. They'll see offers for your Vegan Food Truck courses and workshops. Some will buy, you'll have made sales.

5. For the next few weeks people who didn't opt-in will see adverts for your free guides and have several opportunities to opt-in (go back to point 3)

6. People who got the reports and didn't buy your awesome course will see ads and offers over the coming months via email and retargeting ads.

And all this happened because you spent a few hours making your content the best it could be.


The 5K Method Serious Marketers Only

Following on from our $1 a day campaigns, we also run retargeting ads.

You know how after you've been to a website and looked at something, ads for that product seem to follow you for days.. well that's retargeting. And it's important.

Many people overlook retargeting, if you look at the diagram of our $5K Model, you see it is one of the major components.

Here is why. The image is small, but it shows a $14.83 spend and $891 in sales that is a 60X ROI.

This is far from unique because the only people you are showing the ad too are people who are interested in your product or offer.

Would you give someone $14.83 for a return of $891?

I am sure that everyone reading this would answer hell yes, but if I asked you do you run retargeting ads 90% would say no.

Screenshot 2019 02 20 at 14.58.34

The reason Retargeting works so well is that you are showing ads to people who have already seen your offer and haven’t yet committed, sometimes they need a small nudge to click that buy button.

Retargeting relies on having the Facebook Pixel and/or the Google Pixel on your site.

You then use that to create relevant custom audiences, so, for example, if someone spends over 30 seconds reading an article and doesn't optin for the content upgrade on that page then I would run an ad to them offering it or a similar report.

The same applies to sales pages or offer pages. If your clients buy, exclude them from advertising if they don't advertise to them.

Your Money Pages

The 5K Method Serious Marketers Only

Your money pages can be varied in style and substance, they may just be a simple Affiliate link to a product you are promoting or they may be a full 3000 word sales page it really depends on what you want to achieve and what you've already shown your potential customers.

However, the rules remain the same for these pages.

Try to achieve the maximum impact with as few words as possible and with no distractions.

If someone has been on your email list for several weeks, they are likely to know all about your products; therefore, they don't need a long sales page.

Your page could probably just be a checkout link and details of the special deal you've offered them.

If they have been researching the best sub $500 drone then you may just need to show them a review of the best drone or a comparison of the 3 top ones.

As with our content pages, we want to make sure we have a pixel fire so we can identify people who haven't bought or who haven't clicked through to the sales page if it's an affiliate offer. This will once again allow us to.

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If something isn't working on a model like this, you can easily work out what to change.

  • Cold traffic not going to the front end blog.. change the call to action or the targeted audience.
  • Traffic on the blog not opting in to your report?  - Change the call to action and test a new report
  • Traffic not staying long enough to fire the pixel? (use a 30 seconds delay before firing it)  be more relevant and entertaining.
  • People not opening your emails?  - Use better subject lines

Now compare that to finding the bottleneck in something like this...

Good luck!

Sales Campaign Key Steps Video.002

I hope you can see the power of having a simple system in place that takes the guesswork out of marketing,  The 5K method is for everyone serious about making an income online.