The Most Important Question You Can Ask In Your Online Business

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Over the past few years we've recorded over 50 Live shows and 50 Podcasts, in those 100+ shows this is one of the most powerful tips we've given.

By asking this question at every step of your business it makes it almost impossible to go wrong.

For example if you are setting up a funnel, then ask it when you build your first page,  then follow through with the answer.

Then ask it again.

What';s this Question... watch the 2 minute video below , tim explains it far better than I could!

Transcription - (edited to make some sense!)

This is my favourite tip that you've ever given.

The only question you need to ask yourself at any point of any time in your business is:

What Happens Next?

Your customers, whether they consciously or subconsciously doing this anyway, they're always looking for you to lead them.

Dan Kennedy or one says that people are wandering round with the umbilical cord in their hand, looking for somewhere to plug it into.

They're looking to be led.

So if you can answer the question, what happens next? At every step of your marketing at every step of your business, you cannot fail.

For example, you've got an ad on Facebook, you ask the question, what happens next?

Oh, well they're going to click the button that sends them to my webpage.

Cool. Okay. What happens next?

Okay. They land on my websites and they look at the copy and they start reading.

Okay. What happens next?

I want them to watch the video.

Okay, what happens once they get to the end of the video?

Oh well I want them to click the button below the video.

So you need to tell them in the video to click that button, so on and so forth.

You keep on following that through all the way. And even to the point of it never ends.

Once someone's bought your product, what happens next?

What email are you going to send?

What's the next thing that you're going to sell them?

If You're always constantly asking that question.

What happens next?

You cannot fail.

And it's a great way of just plugging the holes in your "buckets".

Because otherwise, if you don't ask the question, what happens next?

You'll feed all the traffic to your "bucket" and it will just flow straight out the bottom are you've captured any leads or made any sales, fix the holes and you maximize what you're trying to do with your business.

So ask that question all the time. What happens next?