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5 "Rules" For Online Success

Over the 15 years I've been a full time online marketer I've seen thousands of marketers give up and return to their day jobs or take a part time job to help ends meet. Over that same period I've talked to hundreds of successful Online Marketers.

Through talking to and analysing these 2 groups of people I've come up with a simple set of rules that I try to pass on to as many marketers as possible.

1) Pick One Thing: 

No matter what you choose to do stick to it for at least 6 months, back your initial judgement it's usually the best. It normally takes that long for things to work or for you to master them.

2) You don't need half the tools you've bought.

If I had $1 for every time I've seen people paying for tools they don't need then I'd be living on a private island in the Caribbean.

I use only use 4 main tools on a day to day basis all but one is a one time payment.

If you want to succeed hold back on the tools and invest in learning marketing techniques.

3) Communication is the one tool you should master.

I know marketers who make $100K+ a year with a facebook post and messenger or a personal gmail account. When I send a personal email or a personal video I convert at over 50%.  Last year a single email to a small group of people generated $15,000 in a day. Get to know your subscribers and don't be afraid to talk to them.

I have also talked to several marketers who only have a facebook group, and a Paypal link and yet earn a full time income. It's all down to communication with their audience.

4.) The OFFER! it always comes down to the OFFER.

If you don't have a good offer or don't understand your offer you'll never succeed. Your offer will dictate who your target audience is , it will dictate the messages you put in front of that audience. It will dictate your success.

5) All successful campaigns are temporary so never get comfortable.

There is always something around the corner that will cause you problems so expect them, take them in your stride and move on.  Nobody said marketing was easy.. but is sure is fun.